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In 2017, twin sisters discovered BTS. Falling down the YouTube rabbit hole was the beginning of a journey filled with excitement, wonder and so much love and inspiration. BTS inspired us to start our own South African fanbase in 2018 and we’ve never looked back.

As ARMY, we strive to create inclusive spaces where fans can share and become involved in fandom activities. BTS’ message of love, kindness and community permeates everything we do. It’s why we pay their message forward and promote participatory culture.

In 2020 we wrote about BTS in a chapter of “I Am ARMY, It’s Time to Begin”, a personal essay about our journey as women in fandom and the impact BTS has had on our lives. In 2021, BTS by ARMY: 2020 was born, a book examining the lessons that BTS taught ARMY throughout the pandemic.

If you’re an ARMY, welcome. If you’re a curious bystander, we hope you enjoy reading about what we do, why we do it, and the seven men who inspire such hope, kindness and joy.

We purple you.

Naaz & Tag