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Happy Mochi Day, a Quiz Night for Jimin

After a year of running BTS events, we’re mixing things up a little and trying something new. For Jimin, the only member of BTS who’s birthday is generally hard to pair with another member, we’re running trivia nights in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Happy Mochi Day will be a BTS & Jimin inspired Quiz Night hosted in Cape Town and […]

Welcome to Discord!

BTS ARMY South Africa has launched our official Discord Server! In recent months, we’ve been thinking about launching a platform where local ARMY can meet other ARMY that is different to the chaos in our Facebook group. Despite making the group private recently, spam still filters in from time which is frustrating. Finally, our group has more than 75 500+ […]

Happy NamKook Day!

A year ago we began our eventing cycle for BTS members. We began with Jimin in October 2021 and now, in September, we finally come full circle with our Happy NamKook Day event! Join us in Cape Town and Johannesburg for our events celebrating BTS’ leader, RM and the golden maknae, Jungkook. For NamKook, our friends at Samsung South Africa […]

What is a cupsleeve event?

During the past year, we have managed 5 cupsleeve events: Happy Jimin Day – October 2021 Happy TaeJin Day – December 2021 Happy SOPE Day – February 2022 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Is Yet To Come: BTS Festa – June 2022 Happy NamKook Day – September 2022 With every event we run, more ARMY discovers our events and […]

Streaming Guides

In order to ensure that the South African streaming ecosystem grows along with our fandom, streaming correctly becomes critical. In partnership with South Africa’s Charting fanbase, BTSCharts_SA, we created streaming guides to assist with understanding how to ensure every stream counts! Youtube Spotify Apple Music Deezer Shazam Radio stations use shazam to measure interest and trends in music. Using shazam […]

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Is Yet To Come

Our BTS Festa 2022 event, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Is Yet To Come, is slated for 18 June 2022. Events will be hosted simultaneously in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. This will be our first OT7 event, and we’re aiming to pull out all the stops! Ticketing is currently live via our Events Shop. Cape Town We’re very […]

BTS “Proof” Comeback Goals for South Africa

With every BTS comeback – album or single track – fanbases across the world work with local and/or international charting fanbases to set comeback goals for the album’s performance. This includes physical album purchases in some countries, but mostly includes goals for specific streaming platforms. The comeback goals for South African ARMY have been set by the BTSCharts_SA team after […]

BTSARMYZA Podcast Series

We’re launching a podcast series, “Talks with BTSARMYZA” where we chat about topical issues that relate to the South African BTS fandom. For each segment, we’ll invite different guests to feature, depending on their area of expertise. For our first episode, we’re talking about our fanbase, BTS ARMY South Africa. Thereafter, we’re delving into charting, charity, BTS events and so […]