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Happy Park Jimin Day!

Welcome to BTS ARMY South Africa’s Park Jimin Birthday celebration! Our cupsleeve event will be a fun few hours amongst friends. Come and grab a drink, your cupsleeve, some sweet treats, browse the fan-made merchandise on sale and take loads of pictures! Most importantly, come and have fun.

RM for Mbokodo Fundraiser

It’s Namjoon’s birthday and we’re supporting the work of The Justice Desk‘s Mbokodo Fundraiser in South Africa! Get involved in @thejusticedesk RM for Mbokodo Fundraiser! They are raising funds for their project for girl survivors of rape & gender-based violence that was inspired by NAMJOON A campaign by The Edmund Rice Justice Desk Cape Town, Western Cape. Every little bit […]


BTS ARMY Ubuntu was a concept born because charity is at the heart of what we do as ARMY. During Festa, we always strive to do more. Together with BangtanmoonlightSA, we promoted a simple concept – During the month of June, perform random acts of kindness. There was no limit on how many, how big or small. We loved seeing […]

Black Lives Matter is supported by ARMY

In June 2020, BTS pledged their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. They donated a combined $1 Million USD to various charities. Within 24hours, ARMY matched their million with a million of our own. We’re proud to have spread the word and donated $50 towards the 1 Million total. Thank you to¬†@OneInAnARMY¬†for leading the charge! #MatchAMillion Total donation: $50 […]