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BTS Cupcakes of (j)hope with a Dash of SUGA!

Let’s bake and share BTS Cupcakes!

In celebration of J-Hope and SUGA’s birthdays, our pop up store sold various bits of BTS merchandise. All proceeds were donated to Cupcakes of Hope, a NPO who assists in raising awareness and funds for children with cancer.

Our project was two-fold:

Firstly to raise as much funds as we could. To this end, generous ARMY helped us raise a whopping R11100 in the names of J-Hope and SUGA.
Secondly to raise social media awareness by encouraging ARMY to bake their own cupcakes and post their pictures online using the hashtag #BakeADifference

We were so delighted with both outcomes! Thank you ARMY for your unending support and for sharing your BTS cupcakes with us.

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ARMY, tell us what you think!