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BTS Festa 2018 Billboards

For BTS Festa 2018 we had two BTS inspired billboards installed at Canal Walk in Cape Town. The project was our first as BTS ARMY South Africa and it had two purposes. The first was to welcome Festa, the annual celebration of BTS’ debut. The second was a happy coincidence as it coincided with the launch of ‘Love Yourself: Tear’!

The billboards were designed by local small business owner Su Jin Yoo and installed by R Waan Media. They remained in place from 12 June to 11 July 2018.

Thank you to all the Cape Town ARMY who came out to support this project! They might very well have been the first kpop billboards – and definitely, the first fan initiated billboards for BTS – in South Africa.

2018 was an incredibly memorable one for South African ARMY!

Fun fact, an ARMY mom reached out to us via the Canal Walk marketing team to talk about how much her daughters loved the project. We became great friends with the entire family because of this project!

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Design: Su Jin Yoo
Print and Installation: Ridwaan at R Waan Media

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