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BTS Festa 2021

Welcome to BTS Festa 2021!

Dear BTS

We’ve gifted stars in your honour. 7 for you and 1 for ARMY. Your stars are situated within the Southern Cross and are visible across South Africa all year round. We love you.

– Your ARMY #BTSAcrossTheAfricanSky #BTS8thAnniversary #8YearsToInfinityWithBTS

Star Name: Kim Namjoon
Star Page https://stars.osr.org/WVD837615
View Kim Namjoon http://osr.org/oms/WVD837615/

Star Name: Kim Seokjin
Star Page https://stars.osr.org/YMW409389
View Kim Seokjin http://osr.org/oms/YMW409389/

Star Name: Min Yoongi
Star Page https://stars.osr.org/WYT407095
View Min Yoongi http://osr.org/oms/WYT407095/

Star Name: Jung Hoseok
Star Page https://stars.osr.org/PWL103515
View Jung Hoseok http://osr.org/oms/PWL103515/

Star Name: Park Jimin
Star Page https://stars.osr.org/FHM931775
View Park Jimin http://osr.org/oms/FHM931775/

Star Name: Kim Taehyung
Star Page https://stars.osr.org/KZZ820079
View Kim Taehyung http://osr.org/oms/KZZ820079/

Star Name: Jeon Jungkook
Star Page https://stars.osr.org/RWR699529
View Jeon Jungkook http://osr.org/oms/RWR699529/

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