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The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Is Yet To Come

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Is Yet To Come

Our BTS Festa 2022 event, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Is Yet To Come, is slated for 18 June 2022.

Events will be hosted simultaneously in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

This will be our first OT7 event, and we’re aiming to pull out all the stops!

Ticketing is currently live via our Events Shop.

Cape Town

We’re very excited about our partners in Cape Town, including The Goedgedact Trust, home to the Kim Seokjin Baby Unit! On 18 June, Goedgedacht will join us in Cape Town to share their story and tell ARMY the story of how the Kim Seokjin Baby Unit came into being.

Come prepared to enjoy performances and dance inspired by BTS! Our fan-made merchandise vendors will also tempt you with all the amazing products they have on offer.

Win Big!

Stand a chance to win BTS albums, official and unofficial merchandise, Books courtesy of Exclusive Books, as well as a R1000 gift voucher to spend on BTS albums from the Takealot website!


Join our Johannesburg cupsleeve event and enjoy a Korean Convenience Store experience by Market Kokoro!

Enjoy Korean food, snacks, Korean beauty, Bubble Tea and more! We also hope all ARMY open their hearts and support our Goedgedact Festa Project. Details of the project will go live on Monday 6 June!

Come prepared to make memories with ARMY. Snap pictures of yourself and your ARMY friends at our photobooth operated by Basix k.


Our Durban event is being hosted at The Station, Urban Event Space.

We’re excited to partner with the Crazy Korean team to sell authentic Korean food to our guests. Market Kokoro is also vending Korean snacks. Departing from Cape Town and Johannesburg, our Durban event is supporting Same Love Toti. Bangtanmoonlight, a South African BTS Charity Fanbase, will be running the charity component of the Durban event.

We’re always excited to have Moshisomoves as performers at our event. There are also loads of special vendors ready to showcase their BTS fanmade merchandise.

Our dream is to host our cupsleeve events in more cities. Unfortunately, the right opportunities haven’t quite made it possible yet.

To ARMY in other provinces, we hear you. Hopefully, we will see you soon.


Naaz & Tag

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      Cape Town tickets are already sold out and i’m heart broken. Can’t you add a few more or please find out for us if there are people who can no longer make it so we can buy from them? Please.

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