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BTS Merchandise

One of the most common questions we receive is “where can I buy BTS merchandise?”

While this might seem like a simple question, it’s actually a little more complicated than it seems. Firstly, are you referring to official BTS merchandise or fan-made unofficial merchandise? There is a large difference in price, quality and availability. Secondly, how urgently do you require the product because lead times and shipping is also a consideration.

Official Merchandise

Official merchandise refers to products officially licensed by BTS’ management company Bighit/HYBE Labels. Official merchandise generally comes at a hefty price tag and is available via very specific channels. BTS albums are also considered official merchandise. Official merchandise is available via BTS’ official store. To access the store, download the Weverse Shop app to your mobile device and register.

Unofficial Merchandise

Unofficial merchandise refers to any products manufactured or sourced by local small businesses. These could be fan-made, designed items like clothing, jewellery, stationary, etc. and do not carry any official licensing.

BTS Albums

BTS albums are available in South Africa via a few specific channels.

  1. Weverse Shop
  2. UMG Africa
  3. Takealot

Takealot and UMG Africa only have shipping costs. Weverse will carry both shipping and import taxes which will impact the price of albums.

BTS Official Lightstick aka ARMY Bomb

BTS’ official lightstick is called the ARMY Bomb. ARMY Bombs, like BT21 items, are prone to unofficial reproductions. Official ARMY Bombs are not sold or distributed in South Africa. We would recommend purchasing your ARMY Bomb on official platforms, or in person at a BTS concert. ARMY Bombs are sold out of and manufactured in Korea. Any ARMY Bomb originating from China or any other country may not be official if produced outside of Korea.

Official Merchandise

Officially licensed BTS merchandise can be purchased via the following channels. More platforms exist, but these are the most reliable and consistent.

  1. Weverse Shop
  2. Cokodive
  3. Global Interpark

Amazon also carries some official items.

Unofficial Merchandise

Unofficial merchandise made by local small businesses is listed below. This list includes various vendors across South Africa. We take no accountability for the customer service of any of the vendors listed below. We urge you to do your research and reach out to the vendors you are interested in purchasing from.

Listing Coming Soon…