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Happy Mochi Day, a Quiz Night for Jimin

After a year of running BTS events, we’re mixing things up a little and trying something new. For Jimin, the only member of BTS who’s birthday is generally hard to pair with another member, we’re running trivia nights in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Happy Mochi Day will be a BTS & Jimin inspired Quiz Night hosted in Cape Town and […]

Happy NamKook Day!

A year ago we began our eventing cycle for BTS members. We began with Jimin in October 2021 and now, in September, we finally come full circle with our Happy NamKook Day event! Join us in Cape Town and Johannesburg for our events celebrating BTS’ leader, RM and the golden maknae, Jungkook. For NamKook, our friends at Samsung South Africa […]

Happy SOPE Day Event Photos

On Saturday 26 February 2022, we hosted three Happy SOPE Day celebrations across the country. In Cape Town at Shift Espresso Bar, Century City, and at Starbucks in Durban and Johannesburg. A huge thank you to the Shift team for being our favourite partners to work with! As well as the always hospitable teams at Starbucks. Thank you to all our […]