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BTS “Proof” Comeback Goals for South Africa

BTS “Proof” Comeback Goals for South Africa

With every BTS comeback – album or single track – fanbases across the world work with local and/or international charting fanbases to set comeback goals for the album’s performance. This includes physical album purchases in some countries, but mostly includes goals for specific streaming platforms.

The comeback goals for South African ARMY have been set by the BTSCharts_SA team after spending hours considering numerous factors – including previous comebacks and streaming platform metrics.

The comeback goals are clustered as follows:

  • Goals for the first 24hrs
  • Goals for the first week

To ensure we reach these goals, share them with all your ARMY friends, especially those who are not active on social media. Some of the goals might seem hard to achieve, but we’ll try our collective best. As ARMY, we always love a challenge!

Prepare your streaming accounts – Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, etc. Remember that streams from premium accounts weigh more. So if you are able to subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify Premium, then do so. Many of these platforms have free premium trials. Don’t be shy to take advantage of those. You can always cancel your subscription after the trial period has ended.

To discover how these comeback goals for South Africa are set – which factors are considered, as well as all things South African charts – we’ll have the admins from BTSCharts_SA on our Talks with BTSARMYZA podcast series next week.

Come on SA ARMY, we can do this! As always, Teamwork makes the dream work!

ARMY, tell us what you think!