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Festa 2022 Charity Drive In Collaboration With The Goedgedacht Trust

Festa 2022 Charity Drive In Collaboration With The Goedgedacht Trust

Goedgedacht, home to the Kim Seokjin Baby Unit

In 2020, a flash fundraiser by OneInAnARMY affected big change at Goedgedacht. In honour of Jin’s birthday, ARMY around the world heeded the call from OIAA and donated en masse – an act that led to the reopening of the baby unit at Goedgedacht. To thank ARMY, Goedgedacht named the newly reopened unit, The Kim Seokjin Baby Unit, in honour of the BTS member whose birthday was the impetus for the campaign.

For FESTA, we are so excited to partner with Goedgedacht on their 5000 Trees For Change campaign. The proceeds of the campaign will go towards funding various initiatives at The Goedgedacht Trust, including the Baby Unit. ARMY, can we help sustain the legacy of the Kim Seokjin Baby Unit?

For BTS and ARMY, the number 7 is special. Let’s help Goedgedacht with the power of 7!

Here’s how!

  1. Buy a tree for R700
  2. Buy a tree with 7 friends and each pledge R100
  3. Or simply make a donation

For every tree donated by ARMY, a plaque will be donated in honour of BTS. Their TREES OF CHANGE will continue to grow as a living tribute to them, and its fruit will nourish others for years to come.

How to donate:

  1. Visit Givengain
  2. Instant EFT
  3. Donate in person at our Cape Town or Johannesburg Festa events
  4. Donate via snapscan
Scan with your snapscan app to donate!

Any ARMY who donates in person during our Festa events stands a chance to win one of two copies of BTS’ new album, “Proof”.

We hope ARMY will help Goedgedacht get closer to its goal of 5000 Trees for Change!

Our support for the 5000 Trees for Change campaign will run for the month of June.

ARMY, tell us what you think!