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Happy Jimin Day Cupsleeve Event Notice

Happy Jimin Day Cupsleeve Event Notice

happy jimin day


We’re so excited to see you on Saturday! Unfortunately, the weather is looking like there will be rain on Saturday. This is disappointing but beyond our control. Despite that, we’re hoping you have an amazing time!

Please note the following:

  • Ecco has seating inside and outside. Weather dependant, the outside seating may or may not be viable. Therefore, please bring along your umbrella to ensure you’re not caught in the rain if you need to wait for a little to enter the venue or to maintain social distancing.
  • The event starts at 12PM and runs until 3PM. Feel free to visit Ecco during this timeframe. You do not have to be there at 12PM specifically. Staggering attendance is helpful to manage crowds – especially if it rains.
  • Your order number is your ticket. We will have a registration desk where your order will be validated. You will receive a token to redeem your drink and donut, as well as your BTS goodies (photocards, cupsleeve, lollipop, etc.)
  • There is very limited parking on Rua Vasco Da Gama Plain. Parking is available on DF Malan Street and the surrounding roads. If you need to walk the short distance to Ecco, make sure you have your umbrella with you.
  • Ecco is halal friendly. Any food orders specifically will be prepared in a completely separate kitchen. You are welcome to order food or additional snacks from them should you wish. Any additional drinks or meals you buy you will have to pay for.
  • If you have any specific dietary requirements (i.e. Vegan) please let the staff know. They are more than happy to accommodate you.
  • Please ensure you wear your mask at all times unless you’re eating or drinking.
  • The event will have 4 vendors selling fan-made merch. While some vendors will have card facilities, not all of them will and will be operating with cash. Please keep this in mind.


Ecco has not updated its website with its new location.

Address: Ecco il CafĂ©, Rua Vasco Da Gama Plain, Foreshore, Cape Town. The coffee shop is on the ground floor of the Media24 building, opposite the Takealot Head office.

If you’re coming via public transport, Ecco is a 10-minute walk from the Adderly street station/taxi rank.


Email us at info@btsarmyza.com if you have any specific questions. Or DM us on social media. We’re happy to help.

We look forward to seeing you. Please come and say hello!

ARMY, tell us what you think!