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Happy Park Jimin Day!

Happy Park Jimin Day!

Happy Jimin Day – A cupsleeve event in Cape Town hosted by BTSARMYZA.

happy jimin day

Welcome to BTS ARMY South Africa’s Park Jimin Birthday celebration!

Our cupsleeve event is a fun few hours amongst friends. Come and grab a drink, your cupsleeve, some sweet treats, browse the fan-made merchandise on sale and take loads of pictures! Most importantly, come and have fun.

Cross your fingers – maybe you’ll win some BTS inspired prizes!

Shhhhh… there’s a few other surprises too!

Date16 October 2021
Time12.00 – 15.00
VenueEcco Il Café
Vasco da Gama Plain, Foreshore, Cape Town
Ecco is opposite the Dischem Foreshore and Takealot Head Office buildings
Happy Park Jimin Day

Event FAQ

Where can I park? Parking is limited in Rua Vasco da Gama. Parking is however available in the surrounding streets, especially on D.F Malan street, outside Christian Barnard Hospital.

Will the cafe serve halaal food? Absolutely. Ecco is halaal friendly and all halaal orders are specially prepared in a separate kitchen.

I am under 13. Can I come alone? Unfortunately not. Please be escorted by an older friend, sibling or adult.

I am vaccinated. Do I need to wear a mask? To ensure everyone’s safety at the event, strict protocols will be in place. Attendees are encouraged to be vaccinated to attend. While vaccination isn’t mandatory, wearing a mask is to ensure entry and participation. Anyone not willing to wear a mask will not be permitted to enter the event.

Can I sell my fan-made merch at the event? No. Anyone caught selling merchandise will be asked to leave immediately.


Our mini market will have a few vendors. Details will be updated shortly.

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