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Happy TAEJIN Day Cupsleeve Event Photos – Durban

Happy TAEJIN Day Cupsleeve Event Photos – Durban

On 4 November 2021, we hosted Happy TAEJIN Day at Starbucks, Bera, Durban. Known for its balmy weather conditions, we were really surprised by mother nature on the day itself. It stormed! Despite the rain, we tried to do the best we could under the circumstances. We were really happy to see all the Durban ARMY who came out to the event and supported us with so much joy and enthusiasm. We hope to see you all again soon – hopefully with better weather.

Thank you to our vendors on the day who had to roll with the changes that the weather caused. Thank you to Colo323Beyond the Scenery, Purple_You_KZN and Purpleheartza. Check out their social media for fan-made merch.

Our beautiful birthday display was by pop_up_balloons and the delicious birthday cupcakes were made by Genevieve Marnitz. Thank you.

Finally, the biggest thank you to Nicole who managed the Durban event.

Below is the gallery of images snapped on the day. Hope you spot yourself and your ARMY friends.

Until next time,

Naaz & Tag

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