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Happy TAEJIN Day Cupsleeve Event Photos – Johannesburg

Happy TAEJIN Day Cupsleeve Event Photos – Johannesburg

On 4 November 2021, we hosted Happy TAEJIN Day at Starbucks, Rosebank in Johannesburg. The weather was absolutely perfect for our event and we were so happy to see all the beautiful faces of JHB ARMY.

We’re incredibly thankful to a wonderful and supportive Starbucks team. Our vendors on the day were all incredible! Thank you to Candlekitchen, Colo323, Qute and Quirky, Koglo_beauty, Welcome Gen and Basix.k. Check out their social media for official and fan-made merch.

Thank you to Lilys Backdrops for the balloon wall and chefmegbstudios for the beautiful birthday cakes. Thank you.

Finally, the biggest thank you to Roxy, our BTS ARMY South Africa TikTok account manager who managed the JHB event.

Below is the gallery of images snapped on the day. Hope you spot yourself and your ARMY friends.

Until next time,

Naaz & Tag

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