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BTS ARMY Supports the Mbokodo Project

The Mbokodo Project, an initiative by Luke Waltham in June 2021 saw a few BTS Fanbases such as BTS ARMY South Africa, @UKBTSARMATION, @BANGTANUK and @Bangtanmoonlig2 come together to raise funds on behalf of @TheJusticeDesk – a Human Rights non-profit organisation operating in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe with the main goal of “Promoting the Power of Everyday Activists”.

The aim was to raise funds for The Justice Desk’s Mbokodo Project, whose mandate is to empower young girl survivors of rape and gender-based violence.

• R50: Provides skills training for mothers
• R100: Children’s human rights training
• R150: Empower a boy to defend equality
• R200: Support one girl in the Mbokodo Club

With every donation, donors stood the chance of winning some amazing prizes, sponsored by the participating fanbases.

The final donation total was R2500.

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