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Meet the Team

The Admins

Naazneen is a Human Capital Head by day and an ARMY day and night. She fell in love with BTS in 2017 and now balances a busy professional life with the fun and excitement that comes from managing a BTS fanbase.

In 2018 she was blessed to see BTS at their historical Citifield Stadium concert in New York City, as well as in Hong Kong a year later. Both experiences rank amongst the most extraordinary moments in her life.

Besides BTS, she loves travelling the world, meeting new people, writing and laughing as often as she can – things that being an ARMY allows her to combine.

Tagseen is a former Physiotherapist and current Facilities Manager for a large online retailer in South Africa. Discovering BTS in late 2017 changed her life and when she’s not working hard at her day job, she’s scouring the internet to stay abreast of all things BTS.

Seeing the talented septet live in concert twice was a dream come true and one she hopes every ARMY can experience at least once in their lifetime.

While BTS takes up most of her spare time, she’s also an insatiable reader, writer, avid traveller and fearless explorer.

Naazneen and Tagseen manage BTS ARMY South Africa’s website, as well as the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Roxy is an Insights Analyst, and it’s her curious mind – courtesy of her profession – that led her to the “Bangtan Universe” after watching her first BTS music video in 2017.

While trying to decipher the magical world of the BU, she fell in love BTS’ music, as well as the personalities of the members themselves. Exploring their content, she found BTS to be authentic and loved their family dynamic – something she related to as family is also incredibly important to her.

Afraid of ridicule, Roxy was initially quiet about her love for BTS. However, the amazing ARMY she’s met made her realise that loving BTS isn’t odd at all! She is now a proud, active ARMY and a part of her daily life is sharing BTS with the world.

Roxy manages BTS ARMY South Africa on TikTok.