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BTS on radio in South Africa

In 2018, a few months after we started our fanbase, we partnered with Official Korea-South Africa (@KSA) to deliver cupcakes and a copy of BTS’ new album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ to South African DJ’s working on prominent radio platforms across the country. Our hope was that they’d listen to the album, but also that the fandom philosophy of paying kindness forward would resonate with them and maybe, just maybe, they’d play ‘Fake Love’ on radio. At the time, local HeartFM DJ, Lunga Singama had a Saturday segment called ‘The Kpop Sound System’ and we were fortunate to have him play the song a number of times in the weeks following the single’s release. Similarly, Matt Phoenix who headlined a Kpop show on UCT Radio, also played the song multiple times.