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Happy NamKook Day!

A year ago we began our eventing cycle for BTS members. We began with Jimin in October 2021 and now, in September, we finally come full circle with our Happy NamKook Day event! Join us in Cape Town and Johannesburg for our events celebrating BTS’ leader, RM and the golden maknae, Jungkook. For NamKook, our friends at Samsung South Africa […]

Happy RM Day!

Happy RM Day SA ARMY! In recent weeks voices around South Africa have risen to condemn violence against women and children. In honour of BTS leader Kim Namjoon’s birthday, we have donated to Matla a Bana, an organisation that provides Comfort Packs to children who are victims of rape. #HappyBirthdayRM #HappyNamjoonDay Total value of donation: R1000 Explore our other member […]