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Tree Planting for BTS

We’ve kicked off a year of Tree Planting for BTS and ARMY in the Platbos Forest Reserve in Gaansbaai.

In addition to the love we send BTS across social media, there are numerous benefits to celebrating their birthday’s in a way that leaves a lasting and positive impact on the world we live in – a symbol that will live on for decades – just as their music is doing.

In line with that thinking, we’ll be kicking off a tree donation birthday project starting with Jimin’s birthday in October 2018. On behalf of South African ARMY, a total of 8 trees will be donated for each member during their birthday month. The trees represent each BTS member and 1 for SA ARMY. Between October and RM’s birthday in September 2019, SA ARMY would have donated a total of 56 trees! With each donation, the dedication will be in the name of the member whose birthday it is.

All trees will be planted in Platbos, an ancient indigenous forest situated at the foot of Africa. Planting trees has numerous benefits, including offsetting your carbon footprint.

How you can help:

The trees cost R150 each. If you would like to contribute, please contact us to do so. We’re so excited to be emnarking on tree planting for BTS!

Read more about our charity initiatives.

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