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What is a cupsleeve event?

What is a cupsleeve event?

During the past year, we have managed 5 cupsleeve events:

With every event we run, more ARMY discovers our events and always ask us the same question:

What is a cupsleeve event?

This post is to help explain what a cupsleeve event is and what generally takes place at one of our events. Firstly, however, it’s important to note that cupsleeve events are run all around the world. They are usually associated with a Kpop group – and are run to celebrate member birthdays, or a group’s debut – In the case of BTS, Festa is an example of a group celebration.

The “cupsleeve” in cupsleeve event refers to a specially designed sleeve for the drink that you purchase or receive at the event. In many cases, fans collect different cupsleeves from events to keep as souvenirs. Cupsleeves are generally designed with specific members in mind and might hint at the theme of the event.

Jimin Cupsleeve
Our Happy Jimin Day cupsleeve from our October 2021 event

Interestingly enough, cupsleeve events across the world are all different. In many countries, cupsleeve events are quite simple and might run over several days. Essentially, a fanbase would partner with a coffee shop/cafe and make a cupsleeve available to anyone who purchases a drink from the shop. These drinks might be themed for a specific member, or simply be whatever is available on the cafe menu. Cupsleeve events generally will also have some decorations in the cafe – but this could be as simple as some balloons and posters on the wall, to full-on displays. It really depends on what the cafe will allow.

We’ve been to cupsleeve events in Hong Kong for example, where the event was as simple as ordering a drink at a tiny kiosk, getting a cupsleeve and that was it! We didn’t see any other ARMY, there was no music, no big displays, just the drink and the cupsleeve.

So you see, there is no real “right” way to celebrate with a cupsleeve event. Its all up to whoever is planning the event and the vision they have for the day.

In South Africa, our cupsleeve events are created to allow spaces for a few things to happen:

  1. For ARMY to meet other ARMY
  2. For small businesses and creators to showcase and sell their unofficial BTS merchandise
  3. To give a platform to performers, dance crews, musicians and fans to perform choreography, songs and play musical instruments to BTS’ vast discography
  4. To create an opportunity for fans to take pictures at specifically created BTS photo walls and displays

Most importantly, our cupsleeve events are simply fun, happy parties to celebrate BTS, our love for them and their music among people who feel the same way!


What is a cupsleeve event?

It’s a ticketed event – usually hosted at a coffee shop or hired venue – where you celebrate a BTS member, multiple members, or BTS as a band. 

How does it work?

Usually, tickets for the event will go on sale via our website. Purchasing a ticket will give you access to the event.

What can be expected at the event?

This will depend on what is allowed at the venue where the event is hosted. Generally, our events will incorporate some of the following:

  • BTS dance and performance by dance studios and local ARMY
  • Korean food, Korean beauty and Korean snacks
  • A BTS-inspired photo wall
  • A cupsleeve, drinks, photocards and other freebies
  • Vendors and small businesses selling fan-made BTS merchandise
  • Giveaways and prizes to attendees

How long does the event last?

Our events are typically about 3 hours long.

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend! Our events are for all ages, don’t have any alcohol and are safe for anyone to attend. Minors must however be accompanied by an adult.

Which cities are the events hosted in?

For now, we host them in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Although we know there are many ARMY in other cities, at present, it’s not feasible for us to run them in other cities. We are however constantly reviewing the possibilities.

We hope you found this useful! If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email or reach out to us on social media!

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